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Our founder

Mahmood Rahma

“Mahmood Rahma” the founder and CEO of “Our Media” is a UAE National,  citizen of Dubai

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He joined Aljazeera satellite Network in 2002. He was the first UAE citizen to join Aljazeera Channel in Qatar at that time. Proudly, he was the only Emirati media man who was hired to work abroad beside the media celebrities in the Arab world. Mahmood remained in Aljazeera as a team leader in the newsroom department specialized in Newsgathering desk for over 9 years, before returning back to his country “UAE” to work for Baynonah Media Group as a current affairs Manager and then as a Media Specialist for the Government of UAE.

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Throughout his career Mahmood showed a lot of creativity and professional solutions in Media and newsgathering. Proudly he is the writer of “Newsgathering in Satellite Channels” book, the only book written in this field during that time. He covered allot of events and news around the world, enclosing summits, presidential elections and wars internationally, beside that he is holding a master degree in Media and journalism, and was a member of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).



Following his enthusiasm and his vision of the importance of media, Mahmood Rahma founded “Our Media Production” in 2013, to apply innovations in media, events, news and PR practices.

Our founder




Master of Arts in Mass Communication (Specialization: Media and Journalism


Newsgathering Book Author 




Newsgathering Team Leader

Newsgathering Team Leader at Al Jazeera Network 

Chief Editor / Current Affairs Manager

Chief Editor / Current Affairs Manager at baynonah and AD Media



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